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Bits 'n' Pieces!

In an obviously staged story, KSDK-TV gets a parent's "reaction" to the presence of sexual themes in teen books today, such as in the book Rainbow Party (watch the Video; the text is missing relevant parts, like book titles). The only smart one is the female newscaster, who reminds everyone that it's their responsibility to watch what their kids are reading, but the tone of the rest of the article is outrage that a teen book section would have books on topics that teens obsess over...namely, sex. It's also quite clear the father in the story didn't actually read the book in question, instead reading a passage bookmarked for him to get naiively outraged over. Thanks, impartial media, for explaining this controvertial topic in an unbiased and thoughtful way!

The Denver Post discusses objectification of strippers with a panel of an oft-ignored group: an actor from a stage version of "The Full Monty", and two male strippers.