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Such complicated underwear, so much fun to watch her wiggle out of it:

Helen Kendall: Vintage Babe

These scans come from a "Surprise Edition" of Black Garter magazine; not dated, but looks late 50s or early 60s. Helen Kendall, according to the writer of the article "Cameras Should Be Fun...":...Besides her beauty, this gal has lots on the proverbial ball. I told you about her great collection of lingerie and shoes. Well, there are two things I goofed on. First, she is an embryo lensgal. She is learning how to take fotos of herself and I allowed her (with the aid of a timer, a very valuable piece of equipment to any fotog) to take her own picture which you will find on these pages. It's the one where she's reclining full length on the setee. Her costume is leather opera gloves, black dance panties, and sheer jet hose. How do you like it?

Stripes on the bottom, fishnets on top -- something's a little upside down, but I can't complain:

Donna In The Dark

A soft noise down the hall woke me up -- I slipped on my pajama pants and went to see what it was, faint morning light slipping in between the curtains, my half-erect cock peeking out the fly. In the den I found Donna in just her thigh-highs waiting for me:

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