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Thank God And Mom!

Sophia Vergara's mom did the universe a favor and told the busty actress that it would piss God off if she got a breast reduction. Thank you, Mrs. Vergara, for making sure the world is a place where we can all enjoy Sophia's finest assets, as pictured below, but unrelated to the Dr. Oz interview where she talks about it.


Sophia Vergara Then And Now!

I doubt I have to convince you, but Sophia Vergara has been hot since the 20th century. In 1998, she did a commercial for Bally's, with the awesome underboob-shower-shot seen below. That's the same kid in the Bally's commercial as in the Got Milk photo. Twenty years pass, and she's like some sexy vampire, the kind with big boobs that doesn't glitter. Incidentally, that's my favorite kind. Anyhow, if you prefer your masturbatory fun to arrive in magazine form, Sophia's bikiniing it up in a recent Shape magazine.