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Playboy: Sexual Harrassment!

Writer Corri Fetman, seen here showing off her legal briefs, is suing Playboy's digital arm for sexual harrassment, citing that executive Thomas Hagopian spent much of his productive time groping her, sending her explicit emails, and then punishing her for not responding, rather than "driving their strategic vision to optimize its potential," as his hiring press release describes his job. Hagopian had spent much of his career in cable TV, no doubt (thanks to cheap late-night advertising rates) he had been regularly exposed to Joe Francis' inspiring girls-going-wild business model, the likes of which Playboy has been lacking: abusing the women that help you make money. As with Joe Francis, Hagopian is still "the accused" rather than "proven asshole", but with Playboy's dwindling profit and resources, it might be something they'll want settled out of court - maybe they'll just give her Hef's house.