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Porn Retards Are Everywhere!

Tracy Clark-Flory of Salon wanted to know: what do modern people know about pornography, in our porn-saturated world? About as much as can be learned from an episode of Desperate Housewives, apparently. Despite having porn available at their fingertips at all times, modern women avoid porn and modern men are afraid to admit it in polite company. Well, duh, Making something more available due to modern communications don't change the society it lives within. Humans are prudes by nature; we hold our sex close to the vest because it's important to our existence. The fact that Girls Gone Wild exists is because the medium is more extensive, not because there's more stupid chicks willing to embarrass themselves.

The people that fall into those categories - the sexually-willing woman and the unsatiable lothario - are the stereotypes that the porn industry lives off of. It doesn't turn people into those stereotypes. Videogames don't mess up our kids, rock-and-roll doesn't cause suicide, charged political rhetoric doesn't make people kill politicians, and more porn doesn't make more sex fiends. If anything, American society over the past twenty years goes further to prove that one single environmental factor doesn't fuck up a person's entire being. The diffusion of porn into everyday life only serves to make people money, and reduce the social stigma of the average level of porn appreciation. Unstigmatising the austere and ancient love for pornography is where we all win, yo! Cheers, let's go get a beer and some DP!