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Unabomber's Home!

Got $70,000 lying around and looking for a remote hideaway? The Unabomber's 'hideout' is on the market. Located in oh-so-very rural Montana, the ramhackle home is now a museum, so you'll have to bring along a camper or tent or something to sit in while writing your confusing screeds against modern society. Don't worry about if the septic system is up to code or if there's lead pipes that need replacing: it's got no running water, no roads, no nothing -- it's a fucking Gilligan's Island, but with less ocean and more mailbombs. So, more like Gilligan's Planet.

Henry Rollins' House!

Times are tough, but getting good for the famous-housing market: first, Hef sells his house, and now we find out that Henry Rollins is a movin' on up, and out of his classy "Craftsman-style" Hollywood home. Realtors have reported hey use the baking-cookies smell to cover up the lingering scent of angry and muscles.