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Period Porn!

I don't find this arousing, but the imagination behind it is what makes me curious.

"I wanna do period porn!"


"No, 'period', like 17th-18th century!"

"Ohhhhh....well, I wanted to do mature porn!"

"I already bought the sets!"

"I already hired the talent!"

"You got chocolate in my peanut butter!"


"I'm done talking to you..."

Anyways, that's how I think it went. So, has taken period-mature-porn to the next level...if there ever was one before. One nice thing is that the participants seem very second-string, and are quite normal and believable. However, in a lot of the pictures, the young guy looked kinda bored, or maybe a little confused. He's probably telling himself, "must fill up resume...must fill up resume..."

The costumes and sets are actually very nice, considing the standard of most porn. The premise for the site has to do with noble ladies giving themselves to their commoner servants -- a theme used in literature for centuries, not some creation simply to excuse the pornographic posing. In my opinion, it's a rather positive and belivable 'alternative' turn-on, unlike a lot of the 'slut' porn out there that treats the women like they're nothing special but a cute body. These ladies are mature, they've got riches and social standing, and they want a young hot guy to fuck.

Abstinence-only sex ed for teenagers gets talked about a lot, but I don't see much done about it. Who wants to sound like they're advocating teen sex, even if they are advocating teen sex? This article makes good (if not obvious) points about courses that say 'no sex until marriage.'

A point I never see made: We tell them sex is to be avoided, sex harms relationships and is detrimental to the students' emotional well-being. What do they expect to happen at marriage? Now the former-teen picks out a (hopefully) happy, loving the school-induced emotional hangups suddenly disappear? Does the newlywed suddenly understand the post-maritally-acceptable forms of birth control that were hidden during the teen years? Do they realize that the 'emotional harm' of sex is lifted and they can enjoy themselves? It's setting the kids up for 50 years of self-loathing in order to protect them from the same things everyone else has gone through since the beginning of time.

Enough with the serious stuff -- let's see naked ladies!


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And a few Non-Porn Soapy Pics!
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And, it's not exactly non-porn, but it's a resort ad: there's a brothel in Nevada that offers a bubble bath room!