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1991 Porn!

This just makes me feel old - in 1991 I was running a BBS out of my apartment in the Cities, complete with u/d quotas in WWIV on my 286. Was that really 20 fucking years ago? Jesus, online porn really does waste your life away. Too bad I messed it up with a degree and a career and shit. Anyhow, Violet Blue remembers the horrible scourge of online pornography from the year 1991, which means that you parents out there freaking out about your kids and online porn, you were just as big a pornhoarder at 14.4K, so get over it. You, BBSers of 1991, had the benefit of parents who had no clue what was on the computer and nobody was advertising 'porn addiction counseling'. Today, everybody's so worried about porn you can't shake a stick without hitting somebody who thinks that everyone else masturbates too much. Such a sad world. 1991, LORD, xmodem, and bigass long distance bills for Fidonet were an idyllic and pastoral world for online porn that are lost forever. Hold on, my three torrents of Sweet Honey Holes I, II, and IV just finished; sadly, nobody's seeding III.

Free Porn OK!

The courts have ruled that free porn online isn't an anticompetitive threat against pay sites. Court documents regarding porn are generally awesome for many reasons. For instance in this one, the defendant's lawyer, "in the interest of representing his client, he visited 101 tube-based adult entertainment sites." - but for personal reasons he visited over 300 tube-based sites. Wait - over 100 tube sites? I'm about 40 short. Lawyers have access to all the best porn. The good news is that tube sites remain a competitive part of that "constantly changing commercial landscape" we all know of as masturbating in front of the computer.