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1870s Prostitute Guide!

If you're ever time travelling, fucking your way through the centuries, the New York Times has your back: they've found a guide to New York whorehouses from 1870, complete with addresses and thumbs-up and thumbs-down, plus advice on how not to get fucked over in the process. There's even an interactive guide - purely for historical purposes, of course. Bro Bible has some more analysis, for those inclined to take advice from bros about hos.

New York Hookers!

Wired magazine wants you to know just how New York hooking works. First of all, if you're still using your 1991 Map To The Prostitutes of Manhattan, Wired finally has an update for you. Second of all: it nicely plays up the business of the trade, rather than making it look desperate and creepy - unfortunately, it glosses over the desperate and creepy levels that streetwalkers end up in. I do love, however, that 9% are in publishing. That explains how Twilight gets published - somebody must have whored themselves out there.