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Gift Cards For Porn!

Did that well-meaning great-aunt give you Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, or Target gift cards for Christmas? Not want to step foot in those conservative companies? You can make better use of those unwanted gift cards by trading them for pornography! Porn purveyors Naughty America is exchanging short memberships in exchange for your unwanted gift cards. Well, not Hobby Lobby apparently; who wants to shop there anyway? The whole place is cheap-ass crafting stuff, grape vines twisted into weird shapes, and fake flowers. Hooters, neither -- but I'd say it'd be much more fitting to swap t-shirt covered boobs and a crappy beer selection for nice, naked boobs and masturbating in your living room. At the very least, if you look through the list of gift cards they accept, I'm sure you'll find plenty of politically-conservative stores to dispose of. Sure, the store got the money when the great-aunt bought the card, but you at least get the satisfaction of imagining porn stars using those cards to buy power drills and skilsaws at Home Depot.