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Ogden: Pro-Porn Atty General!

Nominee for deputy attorney general David Ogden has coservatives' panties in a bind: he has been a defender of pornography in the past, promoting First Amendment rights for everyone's safety. Republicans, however, are terrified video of two people having sex will destroy our culture more than militant Christianity, greed without bounds, and making the poor even poorer. But, oh, no, not naked people! Ogden wasn't really a porn lawyer; he worked on behalf of the ACLU, interested in promoting freedom and reducing government influence in the lives of individual's beliefs, two things espoused by conservatives but only if it meets their needs. Ogden is also pro-choice, anti-death penalty, and combined with his positive free speech stance makes him pleasantly progressive after the past 8 years.

Kid Turns In Forgery Mom

See, this is why you shouldn't instill children with a sense of right and wrong...well, if you make a living breaking the law, that is. A 10-year-old kid turned in his mom for forging money and ID cards. She posted bail shortly after being arrested; I hope the sheriff had a plan to protect the kid -- that'd be the worst grounding ever.

New Zealand's Hottest Weather Boobs - er - Babes

Meteorologists come in all shapes and sizes -- and The Weather Angels are some of the shapliest ones so far. They don't go as far as the Naked News, but that Kiwi accent goes a long way -- plus, where else in the world has the NIPPLEoMETER?
Yes, that's the NIPPLEoMETER for you, in living color. Their reports are fun and playful, a good fit for the weather, as fitting whipped cream into a report on economic sanctions towards Iran is much less entertaining. In recent episodes they talk about the end of Season 1, so I hope that's not the end of the Weather Angels -- the weather stops for no one, so they've still got lots of work to do!(via here and here)