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Beards: Unsexy!

Sad news, fellas: we have reached peak beard, and an abundance of facial hair is now unattractive. It's not really about any cultural change, but an inherent nature of facial hair: the more people that have beards, the less attractive they are as a whole. Elle magazine weighed in, and unfortunately did not reach a consensus. AskMen, of course says don't shave, because they want all the women for themselves, those greedy bastards. Esquire believes the 'peak beard' news, finding that more women dislike beards...but not by a landslide. I'm one of those guys who shaves once every week or two; my beardy-state varies depending on when you run into me. Maybe that'll improve my odds overall, by playing for both sides, and I can beat this 'peak beard' madness until the tide turns again, and clean-shavenness dominates, making facial hair the more desired trait.


Mustache Fashion Show!

I shouldn't mock this too much; there are only so many ways men can style their heads without inviting mockery, and since I have great difficulty growing a beard of any kind, I must tip my bowler hat to anybody who can look like ZZ Top or a pirate - or both at the same time, in fact, and that person totally deserves a trophy. Good for them.


Badass Mustache Brush!

Nick Offerman, who plays Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec, actually turns trees into useful things, like these kickass moustache brushes. For $75 fucking dollars, I hope it actually makes my goatee thicker and more ronswansony.