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Glenn Beck: Murderer?

It's all over the internets: people are questioning whether or not Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990. Glenn Beck is, of course, a political talking head who recently moved from radio to television, entertaining the masses with what I interpret to be psychotic breaks involving tears and/or yelling. Because he's a libertarian, I'd like to give him the benefit of a doubt, but the inherent Libertarian tolerance for gun ownership gives me pause - and his attitude on mass murder is startling if you remove the "I'm just a guy on TV, you can't hold me to what I say" attitude that these talkshow hosts love to hide behind. You'll notice that his Wikipedia article shows no reference to any murder or rape at this time, although the story seems to be breaking at the moment, with most search results occuring today or yesterday. This post includes some additional information regarding a murder on an isolated cul-de-sac in West Harris County, TX, on August 23, 1990. It is unlikely any new information will appear on this topic, unless Beck decides to speak up on the matter because, well, if you've read this far you might start to realize that this is probably a rather tasteless, but interestingly crafted, proof that by manipulating the media you can begin to make facts from out of nowhere, thus proving themselves. The accusation that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990 is completely, 100%, entirely false, and can be disregarded, as well as death panels, Trig's real mother, Obama's birth certificate, Area 51 cover-ups, and all the other sort of stuff that bored and useless pundits manufacture to give themselves something to talk about - not that Beck has ever done that himself, of course not, and don't believe me about Beck's crimes. I'm just a guy on the internet, you can't hold me to what I say. Take these guys, though, who appear to have started the meme. Update: the official website.