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Slut Math!

Slut shaming misses the math: slut shaming makes for less sex partners. This has been my mantra about the whole "women are pure, men can sleep around" - sex requires at least one woman, and one man. You can't get around that math. So, if half of all women are "sluts", that means each one has to have slept with two guys. Half women too much? OK, one out of every four fucks four guys. One out of every four is a lot: you've got two grandmas, that means odds are one of them is a slut, and that makes Baby Jesus cry. To get the odds down to a huge majority of women being non-sluts, but guys still getting a lot of sex, means that each slut is servicing hundreds, if not thousands of guys. They're fucking a different guy every single night of the week - morning noon and night, even! These noble women are ensuring that guys get as much sex as they want, while preserving the honor of all other women. Heroes, they are.

But, go back to Monday's post: 91% of women have premarital sex. Dude, sluts aren't the problem - skipping statistics class is.