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Paylin Biography!

In honor of Sara Palin's new biography, in which she shits on everyone that tried to help get her elected, here's something better to devote your attention to: Naylin' Paylin's Lisa Ann, who, happily, has way more skills and talents than Palin will ever have:
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Naylin' Paylin Is Still Around?

Not only is Serra Paylin still around, there's still a huge demand for her art: Hustler can't keep up with the demand for DVDs, and Lisa Ann can't just be herself when performing at strip clubs. "She wasn't planning to appear as Sarah Palin, so she left the suit and specs at home. But after night one, the club's owner asked her to dance as the governor. So she went to a local mall and purchased a makeshift Palin costume for the few seconds she'd actually have it on." I feel sorry for Lisa Ann a little: it's like she's now that guy at Karaoke night who, in one drunken night, did a hilarious version of "I Fought the Law", and everyone expects it now. The difference is: Lisa Ann gets tips for giving the audience what they want, and they want to fantasize about a nutso Alaskan porn-star governor with huge tits.