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Handcuff Cufflink Key!

The perfect accoutrement for the man who is both stylish and likely to get into trouble. Sparrow Lockpicks offers several different styles of cufflinks that unhook all sorts of cuffs - including handcuffs. I suppose if you were ever actually sitting in the back of a police car while dressed so nice, putting these to use is probably not the best idea for preserving your freedom. However, if you're the type who uses handcuffs for recreational purposes but often loses the key, now they'll be easily accessible whenever you're wearing your suitcoat.

Fifty Shades of Firemen!

Safety first, people! Londoners have been calling the fire department more often lately for sexual-related rescues, in particular to be released from handcuffs. Fancy newspaper-writers would like you to think it's because of Fifty Shades of Grey, but I'd like to think it's due to a higher standard in handcuff production today. At the very least, it also shows a bit of stupidity on the part of the participants -- metal toy handcuffs have a quick-release, and crumble under an average hammer that I've experienced this. Even shitty Spencer's 'fetish' handcuffs are quick release. But that is part of my choice in purchasing handcuffs for recreational reasons. Anyone who heads out to look for sex handcuffs with a focus on making them difficult to open is just looking to fill that soundproof room in his basement. So, be careful out there, everyone, make sure you're not letting your hormones make decisions that could end up with you drowning in the bubble bath.


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