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Somebody Noticed!

Mark Wahlberg, who apparently has just been released from psychiatric care due to the experience, says a nude Kate Moss looks like a teenaged boy. Like you'd need to see her nude to get that impression, but, hey, it's Marky Mark we're talking about. I will also point out that, in the article's photo, you can count almost every single one of Kate's ribs. I go to great lengths to avoid posting photos on this site that have ultra-skinny women like that. They need to find a better-paying job than nude modelling if they can't afford food.

No Nude Sexy MP

Some crazy Australian lad's mag wants some stuffy, old elected official to pose nude for them. They offered her $30,000 dollars Australian, which must be something like $5 USD, because we all know that politicians are easily the least sexy part of the population. I mean, who wants to look at some wrinkled old lawhargarrbl:

That's Kate Ellis, an MP from Adelaide, who is also the Minister of Youth and Sport for the nation of Australia when she's not being voted the sexiest member of Parliment. Sadly, Zoo magazine will have to check with the runner's up: Ms. Ellis declined their offer.

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