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Domino Vs Zora

Years ago, I heard a segment on This American Life about a statuesque Amazonian bounty hunter named Zora, who had been planning her life as a super-spy since her teenage years. The story is extremely engaging: one reserved for comic-book heroines, but this one is real. She had to be one-of-a-kind, right? Or made up...women don't just decide they're going to enter the industry of mullet-haired men, do they?

Apparently, they's news is full of stories about a young woman named Domino -- a Ford model who tossed it all away to become a bounty hunter. She was found dead in the bathtub; no further explanation is given.

It's not like Alias started this: these women have been at work longer than the show has been around. I suppose you could point fingers at Barb Wire, VI Warshawski, Charlie's Angels, even Wonder Woman...but they're still 'fiction spies', not the real thing, actually endowed with superhuman abilities simply by being fictional. These two women are real, and they're doing something that's the domain of big-breasted comic-book heroines and movie stars.

I suppose it's only fitting that it comes full-circle: Domino, a movie based on the model's life is to be released later this year, and Jennifer Aniston is at work on a movie adaptation of Zora's story. And we wonder why people have such trouble differentiating between reality and fiction? The two cross over far too often these days.