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Blue Collar Chic

I've been trying to add some men's fashion commentary to this site: sure, show pictures of some fine ass, but then let guys know what to do to get their hands on some of that ass in the real world. However, men's fashion today sucks. On one hand, you've got the self-referential kitsch of Kool-Aid-Man t-shirts and paisley big-collared dress shirts; on the other end, fine suits and shoes with tassels. If you'll remember, the official name of this blog is "Sex is a Red-Blooded Thing," and men's fashion seems to be straying away from the red-blooded, blue-collar American vein. Even cowboy gear is frilly and flamboyant 90% of the time; have we so soon forgotten about how women swoon over a guy who can fix her car or build a bookshelf?Enough with the manifesto shit -- today, we meet one of my favorite shirts: Dickie's 1574. I had three of these (from an old job), blue, with my name embroidered over the left breast pocket and a line of stains across it right above where it tucks into my pants. I did save one of them, keeping it stain-free as much as possible, and it's my favorite for getting- dressed- up- without- being- dressed- up.The douche in the picture looks like he wouldn't know one hammer from another, but he's got the shirt thing right: plain white Hanes underneath, so you don't pit the shirt out and you don't look like you're showing off your chest hair due to that low top button. Button-down breast pockets are the sure thing to look like you drive something that beeps when it backs up.