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Cosby Porn = Anger!

There's been a spate of pornographic satire lately, covering everything from Star Trek to Friends, but which one is going to be the target of the most rage from fans of the original? Answer: The Cosby Show, which has a whole lot of people not remembering just how crappy it is. I caught an episode in re-run, and, holy hell, it sucks on a Family Ties level, and I kinda liked Family Ties. People are remembering how awesome it was for a black family to be shown in as unnatural and contrived a situation as white people, not remembering how bad it was, and then completely forgetting that they wanted to see all the characters fucking at some point. Selective memory, indeed; at least the Star Trek fans can appreciate a good Kirk/Uhura sex sc--oh, that's in the new movie? I guess Star Trek and porn go hand-in-hand more than Bill Cosby and Jell-O do.