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Coyote Paintball!

A town in Colorado has given their cops something more fun to do than issue speeding tickets: shooting coyotes with paintballs. Killing a coyote would increase the population by spurring breeding amongst the stronger, healthier remaining ones. Paintballs, however, just hurt like shit and make the coyotes more scared of roaming around where people are. Police are warning residents to keep their own paintball equipment locked up, because once the coyotes start shooting back, leaving highly-visible pink paintball marks on the police officers, problems will increase exponentially.

Bear: Shovel, Gun Attack!

When a bear throws your dog around like a rag doll, most people wouldn't take on a wild animal, but this guy first tried a shovel to the head. That didn't work, so it took three shots from his rifle to run off the bear. The first tag for this guy is "lucky idiot". The second tag is "huge balls of steel". The two cancel each other out, so he's just lucky his dog is doing OK.