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Identify Porn!

Do you need help distinguishing professional porn from amateur porn? The the Daily Spank has a helpful guide for you! Average-sized penis: Amateur porn. CR/LF-sized penis: professional porn. Just keep that in mind.

Take Nude Photos!

Whether you're looking for a recession-proof income, or planning on sexting with your students, taking artistic nude photos are the right way to success. CNet Australia has a slideshow of tips and instruction on how to get yourself into the softcore porn industry - so track down some girls going wild, try not to act like a lecherous jerk, and you might just get to hang around with mostly-nude women all day. Everybody wins!

Hollowed-Out Books Hide Porn

Man, I shop at all the wrong places (althoughI guess we have found hardcore porn in thriftshops) -- this guy, a online bookseller, got an offer from a kindly old lady to buy her entire collection of books. Little did he know, the books would contain far fewer words than expected, and far more polaroids of tits and cocks:(via)