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Small Boob Threesome: Fired!

When you're an elected official on a business trip, expecting to partake in local custom is common. However, you better know the difference between Thailand and China, because while threesomes are available on every streetcorner in Thailand, Australian mayors will get in trouble for requesting threesomes from their Chinese interpreters, no matter how nice you think tiny tits are. Crameri, mayor of Penrith - I think that's near Hobbiton - blew off inquiries with the most assholey of responses - "it was a joke! I did ask her back to my room, but I don't remember the threesome thing." Very professional, Mr. Mayor - if you're going to go full Berlusconi all over your trip, you need to have some decorum. When people call you on it, you deny it, you write big checks to obtain silence, and you continue to have your bunga bunga with impunity. Australians have no idea how to abuse their power properly.