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Edie McLurg!

You all remember Edie McClurg as the busybody secretary from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the neighbor on Small Wonder, and as the voice of a number of cartoon characters. I was surprised, when doing a little IMDB browsing, that her profile alludes to her lesbianism with the statement, "Longtime companion of columnist Liz Browning." While I totally respect this: she strikes me as a classy lesbian, if it is true, but when I searched for her name on the internet, I found that her name is on some list used by those randomly generated "nude celebrity pics" websites. ACME Girls has links to some of the other sites, which, sadly, do not actually have naked pictures of Edie McClurg., however, rates her body: her breasts are a 75, and her talent is an 86 ( a score on par with Bebe Neuwirth, Meg Tilly, and the mom on That 70s Show). As for her lesbianism, I could not find any further reference to it.

"Milked" doesn't have much to do with milk itself -- focusing more on boobies (which do not seem to be producing milk at the time, but could at some point). The site is full of visual experimentation: animated GIFs, flash animations, and 'stereo' images (called anaglyphs). Pleasantly, all contain breasts or a sex act. What better way to experiment with software, than to do it with something so pleasant as naked ladies?

If the animated boobies above aren't enough for you, the truthfully-named has pirated pretty much every boobie-bouncing animated GIF you've seen on everybody else's website, all on one page. I got so dizzy, I almost fell out of my chair.

Reflectoporn shows user-uploaded photos...self portraits, reflected in a shiny surface. Many are in mirrors, which offer a clear image, but others are in televisions, faucet taps, and an homage to the infamous "ebay kettle". Unregistered browsers only get a few photos; registered users can see more.

Holy crap -- a newspaper published a story calling for parents to act responsibly about their kids' online porn viewing? Amazing! They've actually got a lot of good information (although they jump to the 'seek professional help for your kid' a little too quickly for my likings, and refer to the kid always as male). If parents did these things first, who'd have a problem with online pornography? The "think of the children!" camp wouldn't have much to complain about.