The Pornstars of Married...With Children!

If you've ever watched Married...With Children, one of the Fox Network's earliest successes, you've noted that they throw in some hot and sexy women on a regular basis. What you might not know, however, is that many of those sexy women came from the porn industry. Many had overlapping careers as models in girlie mags, but some shone particularly in adult film. Here's some of the most remarkable ones:

Letha Weapons was clearly hired for one skill: being able to throw around her huge tits. She appears as a stripper with massive jugs, and she excelled in the role. They only briefly show her from the front before the bra comes off, then all we get are censor-friendly side-boob glimpses:

Pamela Anderson, whose porn experience is primarily represented by her sextape with Tommy Lee, although most of her tabloid life happened after appearing on Married...With Children. She, along with Becky Mullen of G.L.O.W. (who also excelled in softcore boobfests), was one of Al's two dreamgirls, fighting over him until he was unnecessarily woken up before things got good:

Traci Lords had already reached a status of infamy over lying about her age to produce porn - but by the time she appeared on Married...With Children she was pursuing a mainstream film career, and she really wasn't that bad of an actress. She appeared in two episodes as two different characters, but most prominently as a dental assistant, creepily being felt up by Joe Flaherty:

The biggest star - who you've probably never heard of - was Teri Weigel. She was also one of the only recurring pornstars, appearing in four episodes as the character "Jade". Teri is also extremely prolific as a performer, with over a hundred film credits to her name, and while she's done a number of mainstream productions, she has worked steadily in porn since the 1990s.

After Season 7, Married...With Children was a huge hit and was sinking into being a caricature of itself - which wasn't so bad, given what a broad caricature it was to begin with. After that time, a wide variety of Playboy Playmates, Penthouse Pets and other girlie-mag stars appeared on the show, with Season 10 being particularly boob-friendly. These actresses were mostly "models", and the porn very softcore, so while there were more boobs, there were fewer that had been serious porn stars before appearing on Married...With Children. Boy, Ed O'Neill's 40s were a rough decade:

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