Undertaker's Brothel!

Mack Moore wanted to buy some farmland in Nevada, but just happened to buy 80 acres with a brothel on one end. Suuuure, Mack, you didn't intend to give up running a funeral home to run a brothel, it just happened to you. Why can't we have all the luck? Mack has built a thriving business, largely because he improved the aesthetic of the brothel rather than just trying to squeeze every penny out of it. Good on you, Mack, taking care of business is more than just profit margins! According to Facebook the brothel closed last fall, so I don't know why the local newspaper is running stories about Mack and his ladies now -- but the article is amusing enough that it's worth reading, even if you can't give Mack your business anymore. In the meantime, there's apparently an obscure film about Angel's Ladies out there, if you want to see the goings-on yourself.


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