Janet Admires Dicks!

I've never sent a dick pi--er, OK, you got me, but it was to a willing recipient. Guys that send photos of their junk, unsolicited, thinking it'll make a woman wet, they're kinda skeevy, but judging from the internet's experience that's 94% of men. Janet, here, has taken upon herself to look at 89 dick-pics collected from her friends, which is, like, the first 10 minutes after opening a dating website profile. Watch how Janet's day goes from "Hey, it's sunny and I wonder what wonderful thing I'm going to do today!" to "Dear god, So. Many. Penises. I feel that way with labia/asshole closeups in porn; it started out as mildly unsexy, and after a point it's just like, no, thanks, that's enough of that. It's not disgust or unattractiveness, it's that line where the question "do you really think this is the sexiest thing you could take a picture of?" gets asked.


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