Religious Cheaters!

First of all, ignore the incorrect, salacious headline -- they'd have you believe Evangelical Christians cheat more than anyone else, but they messed up their math. What the actual study shows is that there are more Evangelicals in America, and a correspondingly larger portion of Evangelicals using AshleyMadison to cheat.

This is far less about religious hypocrisy, and more about the lack of hypocrisy in being a human. The fact that religion doesn't have a large mathematically-proven influence in who is interested in cheating on their spouse is proof that sex isn't about sin and salvation: sexual behavior is innate, and simply part of being human.

Now, I'm not advocating cheating - only assholes would cheat on someone they love, and conversely only assholes stick with someone they don't love in order to get sex on the side - but everyone's known someone who cheated. It's pretty clear that the sex drive knows no logic nor fairness, and neither religion nor morals can change that. Learn how not to be an ass when it comes to sex, but get it out of your head that your religion has anything to do with it.


(Note: Evangelicals do lose their virginity earlier according to this study)

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