Code Babes!

Have trouble staying awake while learning how to program computers? Code Babes has the solution for you: they strip every time you get something right. It's like Billy Madison has come to life, complete with Steve Buscemi wearing lipstick! Or, I think so, I didn't actually sign up for the site, I'm not good with computers, let alone programming. Anyhow, this objectification has turned some people off, hence Code Dicks, a counter-website full of douche programmers (otherwise known as, amirite?) What I think both miss is: if a person is so comfortable with a computer that they want to code, they can reward their success with free internet porn anyway. Maybe the goal is to get 14-year olds behind a NetNanny firewall to learn computers, because the hope for a woman in bra and panties is a long ways from encouraging me to learn how to develop websites or SEO my CSS.


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