Fake Dick Shorts!

Southeast Asia has a problem with guys violating women's personal space. As a way to discourage roaming hands, Thai manufacturer Headmuns is selling a new deterrent: women's panties with a fake penis built in. See the banned commercial here. Now, I think this will work the wrong direction for a lot of guys, if the amount of ladies-with-penis porn on the internet tells me anything. But, at the very least, having a fake penis is one step up from a fanny-pack: store your pencils and spare change in there! Use it to block your drafty window when you're not wearing it! Helicopter to show your dominance! There's so many more things this solves than the rape culture of South-East Asia, so I rate it FIVE STARS, BUY!

Via. I'm pretty sure it's the Thai version of FunnyOrDie, so it's probably fake. Sorry, ladyboy afficianados.

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