No Nipples!

So, tell me: is a girl whose boobs are as smooth as a Barbie doll still a sexy woman? Photographers Loretta Rae and Geoffrey Rittenmyer (who no longer have a website, and have presumably broken up their portmanteau studio "Loreffrey") decided to provoke some weird boners by photoshopping the nipples off women as a statement on what makes women sexy: is it the woman, or just that two-square-inches that the photoshop 'star' stamp covering them up on the celebrity gossip website? And, at least they have their teeth. Provided these ladies' crotches aren't as smooth and featureless as Barbie, I don't think I'd mind. Just ask all the men who still love their ladies after breast cancer surgery causes a nipple to disappear...but the amount of time and effort in restoring nipples goes to show that they do have more importance than photoshop can affect.


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