Hooking For Student Loans!

But don't call them hookers, of course: they're 'sugar babies'. Nearly 90 San Diego college students are whoring for tuition by joining the site seekingarrangement.com, who are damn proud of the slutty college students that partake of their services. I'm not sure who's more innocent and naiive here: the 21-year-old who thinks it'll be easy to just sign up on a website and get paid $5,000 a month for blowjobs, or the guy who has a spare $5,000 a month lying around and believes these are sweet, innocent college girls who are just trying to get through this crazy life. But, if you're willing to believe in true...love?...you might just find that the pairings that come from this website are pure Randian commerce brought to its 21st century perfection. Plus, if you're a business major and on this site, start writing your Master's thesis now, you'll kill two birds with one stone.

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