Gameplay Girls!

Aria Aspen is going to shoot the fuck out of you, so watch your back. This video is from Circus Hooker Slut Regime's series Gameplay Girls, which intends to emulate a FPS-style video game, but with real naked women, gunshot noises, freeze rays, and even mind control thrown in. It has a bit of everything for people who wish their videogames were more porny, and as a series the previews show everything from more FPS to Mortal-Kombat style arenas. The studio was nice enough to send me & Gracie a review copy of this particular episode. It does what it says on the lid: you follow Aria through a maze of hallways, avoiding being shot (keep your eye on your stats meter, kids), making use of the freeze ray to stop her movement for a better look, and tops it off with some mostly-nudity towards the end. It's all cheesecake, and at 10min long the gameplay style doesn't overstay its welcome. The style is a lot like most fetish-style videos, heavy on the fetish and less on straight-up nudity and sex, which wasn't quite right for Gracie and me, but will no doubt fulfill the right guys. Me, this is what got me off, but I've never been much of a gamer, I guess.

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