Nightmare Masturbator!

Rounding out the concept of nightmare masturbators (previously), here's one right out of a Lovecraftian hell-hole. This repulsive, anomalous, blubbery, numbing globe...this webbed, wan rheum...this four-way masturbator looks like a shoggoth appendage, full of teeth everywhich way you'd hope to stick your dick into it. Even though it is clearly teethless, I'd fear for the total annihilation of any sanity that I hope to retain after depositing my seed into such an unimaginable, polypous ichor. It's not just a three-way pussy; unholy scientific experimentation has developed this into an object with pussies from various ages, simultaneously existing as maiden, mother and crone. The asshole stays the same throughout life, apparently, or else we'd have a Lovecraftian thing with not only three pussies, but three anuses as well. I'm beginning to lose touch with reality just imagining such a zymotic blasphemy of a gelatinous vulva. Found at Sex-Kitten, of course.

PS: I'm not smart enough to do the Lovecraft shit on my own - I got it from here.

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