Not Tonight Panties!

What Would Your Mother Do? is a clothes company putting anti-sex messages onto clothes for teen girls and guys. For example, the "Not Tonight" panties, because once they've been making out long enough that he can read her panties, they're totally going to go, "oh, yeah, this is too far." I'm not one to promote teen sex, but this is totally not the way to discourage it. Their customers are going to consist of two groups: out-of-touch moms who are oblivious to the embarrassment they are unleashing upon their straight-laced daughters, and ironic college students.

Because, seriously, "what would mom do?" If your mom had a hot young body, wasn't married and didn't have kids, was mostly naked with a cute teen or twenty-something, and he asked to have sex, your mom would totally fuck him. What would your mom do? She'd totally do that hot dude. How do you think your mom made you, little girl? By fucking your dad back when he was a hot young guy. Yes, your mom totally rode your dad's cock, reverse-cowboy style, he left a hot, sticky mess in her pussy, and that that's how you came into this world. You're slutty mom and horny dad bumped uglies, got her pregnant, and look at your mom now.

And that, dear readers, is how you discourage teen sex.

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