More Cosmo Fail!

Does Cosmo really have an entire book of these? Dude, the number of injuries must be epic. Anyhow, here's the newest one - some from-behind position. When I'm erect, there's no way my dick is going to point downward, but, hey, I'm sure it's possible - still, the guy is way too high, the best he can do here is fuck her in the ass. Again, possible, but still a far from ideal position for such things. I'm beginning to think Cosmo's illustrator thinks a penis sticks out as though the vagina were turned inside out like a pocket - straight down, anchored right in front of the anus. Creepy, yes, but most of Cosmo's positions line up the bottom of the crotch with her vagina, like he's got a double-ended dildo sticking out of his vagina and the other end is positionable within a 180-degree radius.Anyhow, the dick and either hole aren't going to line up - note that the outside of his right hip is against the inside of her right thigh, which puts his penis at least the thickness of his leg to the left of her cunt. In the instructions, it says the guy sits right behind your buns - whatever that means - and as he rocks back and forth, you close your thighs? With your legs straight out behind you? That's like trying to be fucked while standing, knees locked and together. Again, maybe this is intended to trick women into anal, but I don't think that's Cosmo's intention. Lastly, although it doesn't affect the coitus itself, but do you know anybody whose back can make a 90-degree turn backwards right at the shoulderblades? That's some excellent yoga shit right there, let me tell you.

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