Cosmo Anatomy Analysis!

This time, Cosmo does a bit better than previous attempts at proper anatomy. My first kudos: the penis and vagina actually line up! Most sexual artists agree that penis/vagina cooperation is rarely required in pornographic art, just an afterthought for the most part, so Cosmo has gone above and beyond to show people actually fucking in a drawing of people fucking. In order to do so, they either had to shrink their male fucker down to about 5' 1", or grow their woman up to 6' tall. Certainly, I'm not opposed to either Amazon fucking or shorty fucking, but considering your usual height difference, that pose won't work.

The 'fun' of this pose, according to Cosmo, is to "Stand beside a soft-spraying sprinkler and bend over so the water hits your genitals.". Hey, graphic artist: do you know where a woman's genitals are? No, tits aren't genitals. Lots of fun, but no, they aren't genitals. The red circle in my diagram depicts the position of the clitoris, the funnest place to spray water, which is sandwiched between their hips. And, Jesus, Cosmo, did your parents never let you run through a sprinkler when you were a child? Sprinklers are designed to spray water everywhere - one that sprays in a focused beam is going to get thrown away pretty quick. My guess is it's spinning, so after it's done soaking the 'genitals' in her belly-button, it's going to spin around and get her full in the face, filling her upside-down nostrils with cold hose-water. Hey, if Amazons are into that, who am I to judge. Oh, wait - they actually suggest that - "Instead of keeping the sprinkler on the stationary setting, switch it to rotate so you get a bliss-inducing blast all over your body." I've only got one kind of bliss-inducing face-spray, and it involves my cock; what Cosmo's suggesting is waterboarding your lover.

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