More Cosmo Fail

I think this is going to be a running feature on this site: Cosmopolitan magazine continues to fail anatomy class. First of all, penis and vagina positioning continue to fail - just look at where the bottom of his ass is, and where they think is penis is, it's like three inches below his crotch. But beyond anatomy, Cosmo fails at physics this time, particularly how leverage works. In science class, the babe here is a 2nd Order Lever - the fulcrum is at one end, the weight is in the middle, and the force acting on the weight is at the other end, her feet. Holding on to his neck, all of her weight is trying to swing towards his body, with her feet to stop from either pushing him over or pulling him forward. Her feet are significantly beyond the fulcrum - try this, my experimenters: sit down on the floor with your knees bent and your feet about two feet underneath your dining room table. Now grab the edge of the diningroom table and pull yourself up so the tabletop is at nose level. Hard, ain't it? that's because your feet can't do much, the leverage is forcing your feet to lift up off the floor. Pretty much all this couple can do it stand like this, his throbbing cock against her belly, and all her weight against his thighs. This might work if her feet were against a flat wall, and not resting on a hovering three-inch-thick midget bed, thus giving her something to push against so she can do the thrusting. He can't thrust; if he stops leaning backwards against her weight, they'll both fall towards her. Unless he's Superman or something, holding all of her weight on his hands (at the end of monkey-like super-long arms according to the image below) and moving her around like a sex toy. That would help a lot of sex positions; here, not even Superman's mighty penis can line up with how they're positioned. Total fail.

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