Pron Star = Crappy Cars!

The recession is hitting everyone hard - performer Savannah Stern is selling her Mercedes and borrowing a Chevy Trailblazer from her parents. Holy crap - twentysomethings who saw huge dividends when the economy was good spent it on crap rather than investing in their future, and now they're leaning on their parents to get by? This is unacceptible, people - where do porn stars think they can get away with this? Oh, from the Times, who have been trying to run this story for a year now, but the only people they could find were losers. Then - aha! - a photogenic youth drops in their laps. The porn industry's drop in price is probably the more shocking, but that's hard to photoboob, er,, boob on the boobpage of a boobpaper. I wonder - the non-financier that I am - if this is simply a price correction. One person can't make all the porn, like a monopoly, so there's a inherent demand for more pornography - the adult entertainment industry will always have a pool of actors, but as prices go down, performers drop out - but the smaller it gets, the more that small pool will be asking for bigger paychecks, which then makes the pool bigger because porn payrolls are getting back to the size of the people who dropped out due to low revenues, wavering back and forth until it settles at a point where customers are willing to pay and "service providers" are willing to work for. The inherent scarcity in DVD sales, as opposed to instant internet access, kept prices high, but the people giving away porn for free are still paying their bills: there's still money in it someplace, maybe a smaller paycheck than before, but it's not like the general public has decided to stop watching porn. I doubt that'll ever happen.

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