Movie Penis List!

I know, I can't count the number of times I've been sitting around with the guys at work, debating this question: why aren't there more naked penises in mainstream films? Salon has provided some assistance here: they've compiled a list of the best Blockbuster-rentable films for looking at a stranger's dick. Of those, Boogie Nights is the only one I've seen - Firefox is loading my Netflix queue as we speak to take care of the rest. Penis movie night, here we come! Er, bad word choice. I'd like to add to their list the excellent John Waters movie A Dirty Shame: if you're renting at Blockbuster, though, make sure to get the uncensored version. The first time we rented it, we grabbed the censored version, which includes exactly zero nudity, but is still rated R. Still an excellent movie, but the unrated version is far, far better.

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