Faith-Based Sex: Evil!

Wait, these exist? Neighbors think the Phoenix Goddess Temple is a "sex-temple", a title usually held by those strip-clubs with unadvertised champagne-room 'specials' that are so, so wonderful, or the curtained 'back-room' at the bookstore which sells not only naughty magazines but videos, too. Sex temples? They're all over the freakin' place, so why is the Goddess Temple singled out? "The temple has drawn police attention because its tenets connect spirituality and sexuality and it employs sexual healers and teaches its members about tantric sexual techniques." Dear GOD, the horror: people learning how to enjoy themselves sexually in an open and religiou! s way? That's fucking absurd. Sex is supposed to be seedy, hidden, and dirty: doesn't the Phoenix Goddess Temple understand that their open and faith-based sex is an abomination? (via)

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