Ah, the Smoking Gun is a great place to find publicly available, court-entered documents full of hot, sexy text. Here's today's latest link, from a D.C. Madame's case, listing the terms a 'john' may need to understand for the a'la carte room service to get his order right. Here's some examples:
  • All Inclusive: dinner and a show;
  • Attempts: extra innings;
  • Bare Back: russian roulette, but funner;
  • BBW: curves and some wiggle;
  • CBJ: raincoat on the teeth;
  • Cowgirl: YeeeeHA!
  • DFK: bring breathmints;
  • FBSM: a backrub and a very good goodbye;
  • GFE: Second-Hand Rose's specialty;
  • Greek: something most Greeks don't actually enjoy;
  • PSE: about as fun as it sounds, I suppose;
  • Hobbyist: who you'd be if you had a wallet big enough.

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