Tit-Elation Review!

I write for Tit-Elation, and help edit sometimes. While I don't put as much time into the site as I'd like, they're beginning to pick up some steam: Tit-Elation was reviewed by SugarClick today, who wrote a really good review considering that the climate of porn online has to do with pictures of faux-aroused women posing uncomfortably. I may have to write for them again, but I've been getting more overtime at work, and with a lady like Gracie waiting in the bedroom I don't have much need for fantasies lately. Still, the writing at T~E is top-notch, and I've read both the quarterlies that are out right now and recommend them highly. Erotica has started to be more commodified (the B&N erotica section is almost all Penthouse Letters), so it's nice to see someplace seeing the value of good sexual literature.

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