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A group of boys set up a fake MySpace account, impersonating a 15-year-old girl, to mess with a friend who had recently been dumped. Imagine their surprise when a sexual predator started contacting the 'girl's' MySpace avatar. The boys did the right thing: they arranged a meetup with the loser, and called police.

A basketball player shows a little more balls in a newspaper photo -- or does he? It's quite convincing -- it does look like a well-endowed penis flopping around, but the paper's explanation points out the black bike-shorts underneath his uniform (plainly visible in the photo), and the color-shift caused during publishing (compare the numbers on his jersey) add to the illusion.

The Ten Commandments of Simon is a comic for all of you out there who failed at being a 29-year-old virgin. Had you obeyed these Commandments, your success would have been secure. Have faith; modern dogma indicates that your can be a born-again virgin, so take these Commandments to heart.

You can see exactly how your breasts bounce, unfettered, in a normal bra, and in the Shock Adsorber bra. Somehow, their scientific analysis sucks all the fun out of watching boobies bounce.

Is the Sinclair Institute's Better Sex tapes pornography? The reviewers are mixed, but it seems the female contingent thinks that men could use a gander at this video set instead of the sexually-oversaturated porn, in hopes of learning something.

Researchers: Masturbation not as good as sex. It'd be predictable for me to say that this is obvious, but, duh. At least it's proven by a quantifiable measurement of hormones relating to the 'act.'

Smutty books abound -- sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, all under the chick-lit genre, re-coined by this writer as "slapper lit." Who really wants to read about all these ladies' fuck conquests? Publishers seem to think everybody wants to read about it, but the lovely Ms Quigley disagrees.

Jamaica is looking deeper at male sex workers. It seems that there's no doubt that men pay women for sex, and you might incorrectly think this article focuses on gay prostitutes -- but women pay men for sex? Apparently, yes, and the study has found that women of all social strata are purchasing their wares. It seems that the customers are women who desire sex, but do not want all the baggage of a relationship or commitment. Since Jamaica isn't exactly the target audience for Sex In The City or the new-wave feminism that promotes this 'masculine' sexual ideal in women, it seems that no-strings sex is a more ingrained characteristic of humans than just some creation of modern society.

The wife-whore economy, per Forbes magazine. Timely written for Valentine's Day, Forbes takes a mix of serious analysis with tongue-in-cheek analysis and considers how prostitution remains a financially viable industry in today's world, when wives are a more accessible commodity, undercut prostitutes on the pricetag, and provide more services in one location. Wives = Wal-Mart, Prostitutes = Phil's Locally-Owned Hardware Shoppe? Hmmm...they may be onto something here!

Canadian youth are turning more to online sex. On one hand, kudos for getting off without risk of STDs or pregnancy. On the other hand, they're no doubt fantasizing about acting out riskier or scarier sexual practices -- things much easier to do online than in person -- which may effect them in the long-term.

The Wall Street Journal covers the 2257 rule effects on the porn industry. There's not much new news here -- except that when the Wall Freaking Street Journal weighs in on something, it must have a significant effect on the business world.

Plastic surgery results in better sex -- mostly for breast augmentation and tummy tucks, or body-shape-enhancing surgeries, not facial or minimal alterations. The connection seems to be in self-esteem, the main reason most women claim to want to alter their bodies. The women feel better about their bodies, they dress and feel sexier, so they have sex with their partners more often and are more likely to reach orgasm. While this sounds nice (especially to the plastic surgery industry), isn't there a better way to improve your partners' self-esteem than living a Nip/Tuck episode?

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