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Standards for defining premature ejaculation have been set -- in general, men 'finishing' 1.8 minutes or sooner is premature, compared to the average of 7.3 minutes for regular men.

Hungary is considering allowing prostitutes in malls -- as long as they take the act to a more suitable venue. Local governments are allowed to create "zones of patience" for the oldest profession, but none have done so yet.

Norwegian teens called "Russ" act out prior to graduation, doing tasks like sex in public, reading pornography in public, or kissing a policeman, to earn knots in their tassel. Someone, as a joke, added 'unprotected sex' as a knot-earning task. Hilarity ensued. Those wacky Norwegians.

Screw's Al Goldstein is back in the porn business, after homelessness and a stint at a Kosher deli. He's been hired to market online porn.

Girls get a serious talk, boys get 'wink wink nudge nudge' according to this article. Parents don't give boys enough of The Talk -- which might solve a lot of parents' concerns about teen sex, since so often the boys are considered instigators. They might not be instigators if they'd get something more than a 'go ahead, but maybe sorta try and be careful' message.

A dominatrix gave up her sexy job and entered the government workplace... only to be harrassed by her manager -- a former client. The story ends happily in lawsuits and a settlement in her favor. Hooray!

Nashville authorities say they can't prosecute people for filming a gang-bang film. While they could wait for the film to be produced, review the film for obscenity, and then prosecute if it meets 100% of the obscenity definitions, it doesn't sound like that'll happen.

college newspaper printed a nearly-nude photo of a stripper. The stripper -- who was performing, in public, on campus -- thinks her privacy was invaded. Um, don't perform in public, young lady.

11 towns have sued a sex boutique owner -- and all 11 have lost. Here's a little story about his life, an RV for a home and city after city telling him he's doing something wrong.

South African men are getting a rape wakeup call. In a culture that has considered rape a commonplace occurrence for women, men are finding themselves at the business end of a violent penis, too. "Some of the men say they know they are not safe anymore and have condemned the actions of men who rape men." How about you join the civilized world, take a look at how it feels, and leave off the last 'men' in that sentence, hmm?

The guy who's married to the sister of the guy who married Julia Roberts is a pornographer. The Enquirer thinks it's relevant. Somehow. Eh, who cares. I just want to know how Kevin Bacon is taking it. (The pornographer has a Bacon Number of 4; Roberts and Bacon were in Flatliners together)

"Forty Deuce," a 4-part series about a new burlesque club, premieres tonight.. The New York Post said it wasn't sexy, but what do they know? They think news about celebrity dating habits is sexy. Bleh. I'd rather watch women in feathery costumes gyrate than hear about Parker Posey's love-life.

The List of sexiest careers is out! Firefighters and flight attendants are at the top.

Trump's followers prefer money to great sex. Losers. Who would sleep with these people anyway, if that's their attitude about sexual encounters? "Sure, honey, it was great -- it just wasn't $800,000 GREAT."

Internet Sex Sting Results In Arrest Of Cumming Man -- note to reporter: read headlines closely before submitting them, please, or else the internet will laugh at you.

Police cite "art night" at Erotic City as obscene; they tried to circumvent anti-nudity laws by giving patrons pads of paper & pencils, and calling the dancers 'nude models' -- viola, it's an art event! Gotta give them points for trying.

The India Telegraph has a story on polyamory. Positive: It portrays it in a friendly light. Negative: It does it's best to play off cute-sounding insider terms to make it palatable, kinda like furries did.

What body shape is sexy? Jane Ganahl of SF Chronicle gets the word on the street.

STRICTLY SEX WITH DR. DREW is looking for people to come on their show. Especially people like YOU, Mr. Foot-Fetish Erectile-Disfunction-Suffering Virgin Who Is Afraid Of Having Sex With Pregnant Spouse Or Recieving Oral Sex.

Japanese women turn to male prostitutes for companionship, because their husbands don't want sex. Too much hentai & hookers is the problem, reportedly. I say: What the fuck is wrong with Japan?

Kids talk more about sex simply because they know what it means -- not because they're doing it. Well, rumours of oral sex parties and jelly bracelets still make the rounds, but all other signs say kids are far less promiscuous than rumours would lead us to believe.

A landlord gets his ass handed to him in court in sex-for-rent extortion. There's one porn-site premise that fails miserably in real life.

Pre-teens are selling condoms on the street -- I'm mixed on the kids reactions. They say they don't know what the condoms are for; hopefully they learn before they get much older.

Cable TV 'oops' puts strippers on accidentally. Why doesn't this ever happen when I'm watching? Dammit.

Conservative Jewish leaders are considering gay rabbis and same-sex marriages, following the lead of the Reform branch of Judaism. I say, do it -- show the Christians how it's supposed to be done.

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