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Welcome back, Sex-Kitten! My SO's website hasn't been updated in over a year, but after a site redesign it's up and running again. It's actually very cool; it's still the old site, but it looks sharper, cleaner, and classier now.

I hate "linkblogs," but I don't have much to say about stuff, so here's more interesting links:

An animator/artist named Joe Williamsen had created an object he calls the "Hunter;" essentially a cartoony woman done in photorealistic style. He animated it using entirely computer generated methods first -- but then he got the idea to use motion capture and a real model. Is the result some sword-and-sorcery action film? Nope; it's a stripclub version of Run-DMC's Walk This Way. I like it this way better. Bouncy.

I'm honestly surprised that outer space alien sex can mage enough money online to be a viable business line. Well, on second thought...why does this surprise me?

And, as always for good measure...
Gratuitous Soapy Pics!!!

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And, this is becoming a bit obsessive for me...

There's porn sites showing hot women posing sensually in the bath...but, then there's regular commercial websites doing the same thing. They don't show as much pink, but the images look like they're pulled right from porn sites like the ones above. So, a new feature:

Obligatory Soapy Non-Porn!!
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