Most Dangerous Position!

Here it is, folks: after collecting an enormous amount of data, science has identified the most dangerous sex position: cowgirl -- not reverse, just a regular one -- otherwise known as 'girl on top', results in a huge amount of injuries. They're not measuring dangerousness in terms of severity of injuries: sex while skydiving or while a tiger is walking by both sound significantly more dangerous, but are reassuringly infrequent. Cowgirl, however, involves a hundred or more pounds of sexy babe coming down on a relatively fragile part of the male anatomy, resulting in a significant number of broken penises. It's not nearly as easy to break lady-bits, so guys, be careful: it might be a lot of fun, but a broken penis is no joking matter. However, you don't need to treat the penis like it's a fragile piece of fine porcelain; cowgirl shouldn't be avoided, ladies just need to be be aware that you must take care of your favorite toys while you're playing with them, broken toys aren't nearly as much fun.


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