This set of images of Annemarie slipping out of her habit is the most-viewed individual page on RBT, for obvious reasons -- but that's just one in a long line of nun-fetish adult products that fall under the genre of nunsploitation. Yes, it's real, because there's a Wikipedia page on it. Its heyday was Europe in the 1970s, where the hugely Catholic Iberian and Italian peninsulas (what's it with Catholics and "peninsulas"?) were pushing the boundaries of sexual mores. It didn't start there, though; the picture below is probably from the 1910s to 1920s, and she's just out for some 'fresh air', so to speak. The genre is still around - I definitely intend to see the film Nude Nuns With Big Guns. Although it seems to lack the artisme of the seventies films, but is sure to have things that appeal to me, judging just from the title.


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