Marquis Rise Again!

Thousands of amateur genealogists are probing their history, looking for royal titles in their lineage, hoping, maybe, they'll turn out to be a prince or dutchess -- but there's some people who have trouble with the title in their history. "Marquis de Sade" isn't really a name; it's a title of French aristocracy, but it hasn't been used since one very interesting person held the title in the 1700s. You know, the guy who they named sadism after. The Marquis fathered three children, and those children had children, so it only follows that someone has the right to hold the title of Marquis de Sade today. After hundreds of years denying their infamous ancestor, his descendants are looking to reclaim the title. The change seems to be less about holding on to royal titles in the modern age, but to acknowledge the literary innovation the last Marquis de Sade introduced to the world.

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