Kardashian Internet Holocaust!

I am not sure of their motives or their means to the end, but Paper magazine is trying to break the internet by putting heavily photoshopped photos of Kim Kardashian on the cover of their paper magazine. Eh, people need a goal in life, I suppose. But 'break the internet'? Paper has been in the paper world far too long; it takes more than a huge ass -- seriously, they enlarged it to over 1/2 the length of her torso, and that wasp-waist is missing some organs -- to break the internet. Yeah, it's going to get some attention, but to sufficiently break the internet you need images on the scale of THIS. OMG JUST LOOK AT IT I CAN'T EVEN GO IN TO WORK TODAY BECAUSE OF THOSE PICTURES. No Kardashian ass can stand up to that link.


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